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Waterproofing Your Concrete Garage Floor

Your concrete garage floor is porous and soaks up water. The water ending on your floor is not very pure. It drips on the surface from your car complete with oils, road salts, fertilizers and all kinds of unnatural substances that damage your floor and walls.

We provide a solution like in the photos shown here. Notice along the interior edges how we applied a coating that comes up about 5 inches along the walls. This process creates a seamless pan or basin in your garage. The result is a floor that is completely waterproof and decorative.

The process starts out by grinding the surface opening the pores in your concrete while removing the highs and lows in the floor. This prevents birdbaths in the final coat. Our goal is to get the floor as flat as possible.

The next step is to repair the cracks and damaged areas in the floor followed by installation of cove molding and coatings. We are manufacturers of  one of the highest quality polyure coatings available today providing a lot of floor for the money which no one can beat.

Floors are decorative, non slip and easy to clean while creating a waterproof garage saving from expensive remediation later.

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