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Non Slip Coatings For Colorado Flooring

Colorado Non Slip Flooring

We use a a fine polypropylene mixed in with our polyurea concrete coating to create non slip flooring.  There are a few reasons why.

  1. Non Porous – One of the biggest problems with non slip aggregates is that they are porous. Coatings will wear over time and will expose the non-slip aggregates. When they are a mineral, they are porous and become impossible to clean. The result is a perpetually dirty floor. Polypropylene is non porous and will not absorb dirt, grease, oils or fats. Floors stay clean.
  2. Mixed With Coating – Polypropylene is mixed in with our coating rather than being broadcast into the surface. The particles are a specific weight that enables them to be suspended in the layers of the polyurea. Over a period of years, as the coating wears new layers are exposed. This means your floor will not become slippery over time.
  3. Adjustable Coefficient of Friction (COF) – We use different sizes depending on the floor and necessary coating thickness. A commercial kitchen may require a 40 grit surface while a residential application may only need 80 grit. We can accommodate depending on the flooring use.

We tested the results over a period of years throughout our home state of Colorado on many flooring types and climates.  Each floor is different. We apply coatings nationwide with custom non-slip applications.

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