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How long does each project take?
A two-car garage floor takes one to two days, depending on the condition of the floor. Commercial floors 10,000 square feet or less can be completed in three days, depending on the condition of the surface.

Does floor grinding create dust?
We use high-powered dustless vacuum systems, virtually eliminating dust.

Can projects be completed in cold weather?
Espartic polyaspartic polyureas can be installed even when the temperature is below zero or above 100 degrees.

Are surfaces acid etched?
All floors are ground smooth with a diamond grinding system removing high spots and impurities in the concrete.

Does the application smell?
We use Espartic polyaspartic polyureas, which have zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). There are no solvents in the product that cause strong odors.

Can projects be completed in phases?
Large floors can be completed in phases, preventing the need to shut down business during application. Each project is different, but projects can be started after work on Friday and returned to service by Monday morning.

How do I clean the floor?
Use a small amount of liquid soap, such as Joy, and mix with water. Clean with a neoprene squeegee, and use a stiff bristle broom to remove grease. Regular cleaning will keep the floor looking like new for many years, as there is no yellowing.

Will Espartic waterproof my floor?
Due to its unique wetting characteristic, Espartic soaks into your concrete, actually becoming part of the floor and not stuck to the floor like epoxies or paint. It caps off moisture, substantially reducing relative humidity, making your space dry and improving air quality.

Can floors be repaired?
Espartic can be lightly sanded and recoated if the floor is damaged.

Are floors nonslip?
Espartic are nonslip floor coatings, and floors are installed with nonslip aggregate. In high-traffic areas, we build nonslip aggregate into each layer to ensure the COF (Coefficient of Friction) maintains a legal OSHA-recommended nonslip level for the life of the floor.

Will grease, oil, or chemicals harm the floor?
Espartic is chemical resistant and not harmed by most chemicals. If you use something unusual, contact us for more information.

Can you fix cracks and spalling?
We fill each crack with Espartic crack filler all the way to the bottom of the crack and not just the surface. Most concrete floors are four inches thick. When concrete cracks, the crack goes all the way through. All cracks are filled to the bottom of the crack.

Will hot tires damage the floor?
Your floor will withstand indefinitely heat from your tires caused by road friction.

Will de-icing salts damage my floor?
Espartic coatings are impervious to de-icing road salts tracked onto your floor.

Will color and gloss fade?
Because Espartic has tight molecular chemical linking, microscratches are minimal and retain a high gloss.

Will my floor trap bacteria?
Bacteria buildup is minimal when floors are properly cleaned. Due to minimal microscratching, bacteria cannot hide. Many coatings get frayed edges in microscratches, trapping bacteria. As a result, Espartic is ideal for medical, hospital, and kennel facilities.

Features and Benefits of Polyurea / Polyaspartic Coatings

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With locations in Eagle, Colorado, and Denver, our core market is Colorado and surrounding states. In recent years, however, we have traveled nationwide, completing commercial projects from California to New York.