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Espartic Floors

Espartic Floors
Espartic is more than a product; it is a complete coating system for concrete floors. The core product is a polyaspartic polyurea that is the result of many years of field and laboratory research and development. Benefits include the following:

  1. Rapid Cure – Polyaspartics can be adjusted for a rapid cure rate, depending on climate conditions and slab temperature. Unlike the typical off – the – shelf coating, Espartic is modified for your floor. Cure time is accelerated, enabling high – build coats to be applied and used in your residential or commercial property the next day.
  2. Waterproofing – Espartic has been engineered to absorb into your concrete floor after the surface has been ground smooth with a dustless diamond system. This “wetting” process penetrates the surface of concrete, capping off the moisture and capillary pressure in the floor, blocking tons of pressure. Reduced moisture significantly reduces Relative Humidity (RH), making air quality dry and healthy.
  3. Bacteria Growth – The molecular structure of Espartic is a tight – linking chain that reduces microscratches. Most coatings develop frayed edges when scratched, trapping dirt and moisture, which breeds bacteria. The edges of an Espartic microscratch are straight. This feature makes it easy to clean and does not trap dirt or moisture. The result is minimal bacteria growth and one of the healthiest floor coatings in existence.
  4. Durability – Espartic is a polyurea enhanced with polyaspartic esters. It is resistant to forklifts, hot tires, excessive foot traffic, chemicals, as well as magnesium and sodium chlorides (road salts). It is the most scratch – resistant surface available.

  1. Trained Applicators – Espartic applicators are highly skilled business operators. This is not a product that is available to just anyone who walks in the door. We want to know each contractor’s track record and how well they run their business. Espartic is a researched and developed system quality control that must be adhered to. We work with high – quality professionals, who are well capitalized and provide premium results, time after time.
  2. Online Education – We are currently developing a membership – only online school with video tutorials teaching about our products, equipment, and application techniques. This site will also allow access by password only for architects, designers, engineers, building professionals, and residential and commercial property owners.

Products Include The Following:

  • Espartic polyaspartic polyurea
  • Polyurea crack repair
  • Decorative chips in numerous sizes and colors
  • Cove molding
  • Floor – grinding equipment
  • Dustless vacuums
  • Heavy – duty extension cords
  • Diamond blades
  • Concrete stains

Features and Benefits of Polyurea / Polyaspartic Coatings

Areas Served

With locations in Eagle, Colorado, and Denver, our core market is Colorado and surrounding states. In recent years, however, we have traveled nationwide, completing commercial projects from California to New York.